Project Update #3

In our Project Update #2 post, we mentioned the meetings we've been having with content owners. Today we will share things we are considering doing in the new website as a result of these discussions.

Home Delivery (MAYL) Page

Instead of a lengthy text explanation, this page will market the home delivery service in a visual way, and Acquisitions staff will be able to update the promotions. Perhaps we can use an animation or video to explain home delivery.

Project Update #2: Meeting with Content Owners

Based on the research from the website audit and architecture map discussed in the first project update, we identified which departments and groups within the Orange County Library System create, update, and maintain content within the website. We started meeting with these groups to speak with them about their content to better assess what will happen with that content in the new site. To date, we've already met with seven different groups of staff about their content.