Wireframe Test #3 Results

Our third wireframe test was of our Locations page. This is the first test of a secondary page we have conducted. Forty-four percent of beta testers completed the task. You can see the larger version of each wireframe by clicking on the image.

Search by Zipcode

Our approach to the new Locations page was to create a single page that would house all location information.

We presented four scenarios to the testers:

  1. Search for the location nearest to you by zip code.
  2. You would like to book the meeting room at the Edgewater Branch for your next homeowner's association meeting. Where would you go to reserve a meeting room at the Edgewater Branch?
  3. You would like to stay updated on the latest happenings at the Alafaya Branch. Sign up for email updates for the Alafaya Branch.

We also asked the testers four questions once they completed the wireframe test:

  1. What would you change?
  2. What features are missing?
  3. If you could move one item on this page, what would you move, and where?
  4. Please share any additional feedback you have.

For our first scenario we asked testers to identify zip code search. When we started evaluating the current Location page and planning the features of the new Location page, we heard many requests for adding the ability to search for the nearest locations by zip code or GPS location. Ninety-four percent of testers chose options that would lead them directly or nearly directly to zip code search. Four percent chose the "Use my location" option instead of choosing to input the zip directly. Eighteen percent choose Location in the top navigation, which we are considering indirect success.

Search by Zipcode

Our second scenario asked testers to book a meeting room at the Edgewater Branch. We gave them a wireframe with the Edgewater Branch already expanded and the Meeting Room tab opened. Eighty-six percent of testers chose options that would lead them to booking a meeting room at Edgewater. Fifty-four percent chose the "Book the Edgewater Branch Meeting Room" button within the Meeting Room section of the Edgewater Branch location information. Two percent chose the Meeting Room tab within the Edgewater location information. The "Room Reserve Image Promotion" was selected by 24% of testers. This promotion leads to a page of information about all of our meeting rooms throughout the library system, and the tester would be able to book the meeting room from that page. We had a smaller group than the first task (6%) choose the Locations button in the header of the site.

Search by Zipcode

Eighty percent of testers chose options that would lead them to signing up for email updates about the Alafaya branch. Sixty-eight percent chose the "Alafaya Branch Email Newsletter" image in the About tab of the Alafaya Branch information. Six percent of testers choose the Locations button at the top of the page. We also had six percent choose e-newsletters in the footer of the wireframe. Comments indicated these testers went to the footer because they remembered e-newsletters being in the footer when we had a similar task in a previous wireframe test.

Search by Zipcode

We did not get many suggestions on changes to the layout of the Locations page, but we did receive multiple suggestions for a preferred location feature, so we are working to add this functionality into the design.

We have also replaced the branch blog promotion in the About tab to a "Today's Events" promotion that leads to our Classes & Events page, automatically displaying the day's events for the location.This is based on feedback from testers as well as our Administration.

Another change we have made to the Locations page after testing was correcting some of the filters in the Search area. ELS station has been updated to ELLIS station and AWE stations has been expanded to Early Literacy Station, in order to be consistent with branding.

Overall, the feedback on the Locations page has been positive and the testers have been successful in the tasks. We plan to move forward with testing another secondary page next week, but in the future we may re-test certain aspects of the Locations page.