Wireframe Test #2 Results

Our second wireframe test was of our most recent iteration of the new website homepage, based on the previous wireframe test results and feedback. Fifty percent of beta testers completed the task and they all did exceedingly well. You can see the larger version of each wireframe by clicking on the image.

We presented four scenarios to the testers:

  1. You just moved to Orange County and heard about all the great services the library offers. Where would you go to sign up for a library card?
  2. One of your favorite authors is doing a book signing at a branch library you rarely visit. You want to get directions so you can plan to arrive on time. Where would you look for the location's address?
  3. You want to call the library to ask a question about your account. Where would you find the library's phone number?
  4. You're interested in attending a Microsoft Word class you've heard the library offers. Where would you go to sign up?

We also asked the testers four questions once they completed the wireframe test:

  1. What would you change?
  2. What was the easiest item to find?
  3. What was the most difficult?
  4. Please share any additional feedback you have.

For our first scenario, library card sign up, we wanted to be sure that anyone needing to sign up for a library card could easily find where to go to do so. Ninety-three percent of testers chose options that would lead them directly or nearly directly to library card sign up. The majority selected Get Your Card (89%) while 4% chose Using the Library. This scenario was mentioned frequently in response to the survey question "What was the easiest item to find?"

Card Sign Up

The branch library's address scenario had a high success rate (91%), with testers choosing Locations, the option that would lead them most directly to location information. This scenario was also frequently mentioned in response to the question "What was the easiest item to find?"

Second Homepage Wireframe

The third scenario, contacting the library, had the highest variety of answers. As you can see in the heatmap below, 75% of testers chose the Contact Us area, 12% chose Locations, 5% chose Using the Library, 3% chose Help, and 2% chose My Account. Through the follow up survey question, "What would you change?" it was recommended by 16% of testers that Contact Us be moved; most of them suggesting it be moved to the top of the page. Based on the percentage of testers that suggested this change and the amount of testers that successfully located Contact Us, as well as our previous card sort results and conventions found in many modern websites, we are planning to keep Contact Us in the footer.

Contact Us

Class sign up was the focus of the fourth scenario. Eighty-eight percent of testers chose Classes & Events, while 7% chose Learning & Research. Four percent of beta testers mentioned this scenario in response to the question "What was the most difficult?"


Overall, the feedback provided for Wireframe Test #2 was overwhelmingly positive and all indication was that these scenarios were very easy to answer. Based upon the success rate and feedback from beta testers, we will move forward with this version of the homepage.