Wireframe #6 Results

Our sixth wireframe test focused on a materials section of the new site and used the Digital Audiobooks page as an example. Forty percent of beta testers completed the task. You can see the larger version of each wireframe by clicking on the image.

Based on previous research and testing, in the new website we want to better integrate library materials and library materials discovery. Towards this goal, each of the major formats (print books, e-books, digital audiobooks, books on CD, digital movies, DVDs, etc) will have a page listed from the main site navigation under either "Books & Magazines," "Movies & TV," or "Music." The Digital Audiobooks page wireframe used in Wireframe Test #6 represents the layout and type of content that will be displayed in each of these materials pages.

Digital Audiobooks

We presented four scenarios to the testers:

  1. You've arrived at the Digital Audiobooks section of the website because you'd like to download some audiobooks in preparation for a long car ride. You've never downloaded an audiobook through the Orange County Library System before; where would you go on the page to get a general idea of what to expect from the process?
  2. Where on this page can you enter terms to search just the digital audiobook collection?
  3. You've been downloading audiobooks through OverDrive for years and want to go directly to the OCLS OverDrive site. What would you click on the page to get to OverDrive?
  4. Having learned that hoopla audiobooks are always available, you'd like to know if you'd need to install an application on your computer to download hoopla audiobooks. Where would you go to find Hoopla-specific questions and answers on this page?

We also asked the testers four questions once they completed the wireframe test:

  1. If you could move one item on this page, what would you move, and where?
  2. What would you change?
  3. What features are missing?
  4. Please share any additional feedback you have on any of the wireframes.

The focus of the first scenario was the location of "Getting Started with digital audiobooks." Eighty-six percent of testers clicked an area of the wireframe that would directly take them to information on getting started with digital audiobooks. Seventy-five percent of respondents clicked on the "Getting started with digital audiobooks" link, while 11% chose the icon located directly next to the link.

Digital Audiobooks Getting Started

For the second scenario, we wanted to test the location of the digital audiobook search bar. Eighty-one percent of testers successfully selected the search area specific to the digital audiobook collection. A handful of testers mentioned the digital audiobooks search in their responses to the post-test survey questions "What would you change?" and "If you could move one item on this page, what would you move, and where?" indicating they'd move it higher or have it otherwise more prominent on the page.

Digital Audiobooks Search

The purpose of the third scenario was to ensure that users would be able to identify how to get to third-party digital media sites that house OCLS digital collections. Eighty-six percent of testers successfully chose an area of the wireframe that would take them directly to the OCLS OverDrive site with 56% clicking on the logo area for OverDrive and 30% clicking on the "OverDrive Audiobooks" link.

Digital Audiobooks Vendor

The fourth scenario was a test of FAQ content with 94% of testers directly (56%) or indirectly (38%) selecting an area of the wireframe that would provide Hoopla-specific questions and answers. The 56% of testers having the most direct success clicked on the "Hoopla FAQs" link while 20% chose the "Hoopla Audiobooks" link or Hoopla logo, 7% chose the "hoopla app" link, 6% chose the "Getting started with digital audiobooks" link or icon, and 5% chose the "What's the difference between Hoopla, OneClickdigital, and OverDrive digital audiobooks?" with the Most Popular Questions area.

Digital Audiobooks FAQ

Feedback was positive overall. Fifty-six percent of testers responded to at least one of the questions listed after the wireframe test was completed, the most common comments were that the page looked good or that they had no suggestions for changes.