Why Drupal?

For the new www.ocls.info website, we have selected the content management system Drupal. Drupal is used to run millions of websites around the world, including high profile sites such as The White House website. It is non-profit, open source, and licensed under the GNU General Public License. This means it is free and shareable with anyone. The highly active development community contributes fixes and updates to the core code base of Drupal as well as "modules" - extensions that offer functionality beyond what is available in Drupal's base installation.

There are many libraries, non-profits, and government websites that utilize Drupal. OCLS currently has a few projects which run on the Drupal platform including our Right Service website, our organization's intranet, and this blog even runs on it! Our positive experiences with the development community and the ability to thoroughly customize it has brought Drupal to the forefront in our search for a flexible content management system. Its ability to have multiple users with varying levels of access to site content will allow library staff to quickly, easily, and securely update information relevant to their organizational expertise.

To learn more about Drupal, you can visit their website.