Welcome to the OCLS Redesign Blog!

Welcome! This blog will be used to communicate our progress in creating an entirely new OCLS website. We will be posting project updates as well as the results of our research with our group of beta testers. If you would like to participate in the beta tester group, you can sign up at our website!


The OCLS Redesign Team is composed of seven employees who work in the Information Systems department of the library. Our sub-department is called the Digital Content Team. We have a wide variety of skills and backgrounds related to web work, including design, programming, information architecture, user experience design, graphic design, and project management.


We are currently focusing on the OCLS Website this does not include the catalog or third party websites (such as the calendar or digital content providers like OverDrive). Our website often connects our patrons with third party services we provide, including downloadables, databases, and the catalog. We usually have minimal to no control over the appearance and function of our third party services.

Since the catalog is exempt from this project, here’s a simple rule of thumb for determining if you’re on our site or in the catalog: if it has www.ocls.info in the beginning of the web address, it's the library website; if it has iii.ocls.info in the beginning, it's a catalog page. Our catalog includes the catalog homepage at iii.ocls.info, as well as your library account page, and any search or results pages which list library materials.

Catalog Vs Website


There have been many developments in website design, standards, and practices since the current Orange County Library System website was launched over ten years ago. The time has come for a more modern, engaging, and user friendly website!


In the coming months, we will be researching, planning, and testing the new site's content, architecture, and design. We will be collaborating with groups of staff members who create content, as well as our patrons through the beta tester team. Once we have a solid plan founded on our professional experience and feedback from our community, we will contract a development company that has experts in Drupal, the platform we have selected.

We look forward to sharing our progress and the results of our research. If you would like to join the beta tester group, you may do so using our sign up form. If you have any questions, please contact us at webmaster@ocls.info!