Tree Test #3 Results

In the third tree test, we continued the process of testing the placement of content in the new website information architecture to ensure visitors to the new site would be able to find specific items.

Fifty-two percent of beta testers completed Tree Test #3. There were four tasks, each consisting of a scenario and question. Testers were asked to select the place in the navigation where they would expect to find the answer to the question. For some tasks, the content could correctly be found in more than one place. We also asked questions at the end of the survey about the tasks they found easy or difficult, the tasks they skipped (if any), and gave testers the opportunity to provide any additional feedback.

In the results shared below, "success" is measured by the percentage of respondents whose answers matched our planned placement of the content in the navigation. Analyzing the test results helped us confirm or adjust the location and organization of specific content.

You have been given an assignment to write a persuasive essay on a topic of national debate: offshore drilling. You know that the Library offers databases that specialize in presenting opposing viewpoints on various issues. Where would you find these resources?

Recently beta testers were asked to indicate their preferences in a series of labels for categories of databases in the "Learning & Research > Articles & Databases" section of the website. At that time we were still working out the placement and label of databases that specialize in providing the pro and con arguments (or opposing viewpoints) on current events and social issues and so they were not asked a label question for that grouping of databases. The scenario and question presented in Tree Test #3 allowed us to confirm that visitors to the website would be able to successfully locate these types of resources under a database heading of "Current Events & Social Issues." Seventy-four percent of the beta testers successfully identified the content within the navigation.

Your middle school-aged child needs help with his homework. Where would you find resources to assist with school work?

For this task, we wanted to test the placement of "Homework Help" (content specific to aiding students with schoolwork) in the Learning & Research section of the website. There was an equal percentage of beta testers who nominated "Learning & Research > Homework Help" (45%) and those who nominated a subsection of "Kids, Tweens & Teens" (45%); whether it was the Kids subsection (6%), the Tweens subsection (37%), or the Teens subsection (2%). We plan for both locations to have "Homework Help."

You are performer and would like to reach out to the Library to offer your services for an event. Where can you find a form to submit for your program to be considered by the Library?

Seventy-eight of beta testers successfully nominated either "Contact Us > Program Proposal form" or a subsection of "Classes & Events > Program Proposal form" for this task. In the new website, this form will be located in both areas.

You've received a tablet as a present and would like to see what apps the Library and Library-trusted vendors offer that can be used on your tablet. Where can you find this information?

We're planning to list apps in context in the new website (for example, if you are in the E-books page of the site you will see the apps from trusted vendors that go with the Library's e-book products; if you are in the Kindergarten Readiness section of the site you will see the K-Ready app developed by the Library), but we wanted to test the placement of a page that displays a complete listing of apps the Library has developed and apps created by our vendors. Fifty-nine percent of beta testers successfully nominated "Using the Library > Services > Apps" as the location in the website architecture where they'd expect to find this content. This task was mentioned the most in the responses beta testers gave to the question "Which question(s) did you have a hard time choosing where the answer will be?" We're currently considering offering an Apps link in the footer section of the website near the Connect with the Library content. The Apps content may be also be re-tested through a different method in a future beta tester task.