Tree Test #2 Results

For the second tree test, we incorporated modified labels based on the label surveying we conducted in previous weeks. Tree Test #2 also included additional areas of the potential new site navigation, such as footer elements. Forty-four percent of the beta tester group completed the second tree test.

There were six tasks in the tree test, with each task consisting of a scenario and question. Testers were asked to select the place in the navigation where they would expect to find the answer to the question. For some tasks, the content could correctly be found in more than one place. We also asked questions at the end of the survey about the tasks they found easy or difficult, the tasks they skipped (if any), and gave testers the opportunity to provide any additional feedback.

In the results shared below, "success" is measured by the percentage of respondents whose answers matched our planned placement of the content in the navigation. Analyzing the test results helped us confirm or adjust the location and organization of specific content. The navigation we tested is not finalized or complete, and we will continue conducting labeling surveys as we progress in planning the website architecture.

Task 1: You would like to become a volunteer for the Orange County Library System. Where would you expect to find information about volunteering?

In this task, 81% of beta testers matched our proposed location of placing volunteering information in the "Support the Library" area. "Jobs" and "Contact Us" were the additional areas selected by testers. This result support the decision to create a centralized location for volunteering information that was not audience-based. Based on comments for this task, we're also considering including volunteering information in Jobs, for those who are looking for all types of work opportunities.

Task 2: You know that the Library offers resources to help prepare your child for kindergarten. Where can you find these resources?

Realizing that parents could look for information regarding their child in a youth-related section or by identifying themselves as a parent or teacher, we designated both "Youth > Kids" and "Using the Library > I'm A... > Parent/Teacher" as correct choices. Eighty percent of testers selected one of these paths. Comments about this scenario made us aware that we needed to find the best name to encompass both the children and teen websites, so in the next test we will be asking the beta testers for their recommendations on a label for all youth-oriented web content.

Task 3: You're curious about the history of the Orange County Library System. Where would you look for the history of the library system?

Several testers commented that this was one of the easier tasks, which was reflected in the results. Eighty-nine percent of testers followed the path of finding library history information in the "About" section. This confirms results we've received through other tasks (such as card sorting), which indicated content like library history fits well under the general heading "About."

Task 4: You'd like to sign up for the Library's e-newsletter. Where can you find the e-newsletter sign up form?

The e-newsletter question allowed us to test social media content. While this task showed 73% of users locating the e-newsletter sign up in our social media grouping, feedback received through the task follow-up questions reveals we need to gather more feedback from users about the "Connect" label. This will be included in the next survey.

Task 5: You are a member of a homeowners association and would like to reserve a meeting room at one of the Library's locations for next month's meeting. Where would you go to make this reservation?

This task resulted in 75% of testers selecting the locations area of the tree test, matching what we had proposed. For this question, there were comments about including this in the "Services" section since it is a general library service. We realized there are multiple reasons users may look for meeting room information, including to learn about the service in general or to serve a more specific goal of booking a room at a particular location. We've concluded that providing this information in the "Services" section as well as providing an avenue to book a room from each locations' page will be helpful in addressing both scenarios.

Task 6: You've heard the Library provides a service where requested items are delivered to your home. Where would you go to learn more about home delivery?

The results of the home delivery task met our expectations, with 85% of beta testers locating Home Delivery in our "Services" section. This outcome confirms our decision to make home delivery information easier to access in the new site through an expanded Services section. Historically, this information has been difficult to find, with the majority of the information being provided through the catalog where resources are checked out.