Survey #7 Results

This past week, 44% of the beta testers completed Survey #7, the fourth survey we've administered on the topic of labels. For three of the four questions, participants were also given the option to choose "Other" as their answer and to provide a suggested label. When analyzing survey results, we also take these written suggestions into account, and look for patterns in feedback to help us determine the best course of action. One question was repeated from a previous survey and we wanted to have participants choose between two specific labels.

When asked what is the best label for a navigation item that contains links to the children's website (KidsConnect) and the teens' website (Informed Teens), the clear front runner with nearly 50% of the votes was "Kids, Tweens, & Teens." In a distant second place, with 17%, was "Kids, Tweens & Young Adults."

In the previous labeling survey we asked beta testers which phrase best describes content that includes tools to help improve employability such as typing skills, resume creation, and practice certification and educational exams. The top two responses "Professional Development" and "Job Skills" came in close so we asked the question again in Survey #7 and only provided those two labels as options in order to get greater consensus. Again, the results were very close with "Job Skills" having a slight edge (52%) over "Professional Development" (48%). At this time we're leaning toward using the "Job Skills" label as this phrasing has greater appeal to a broader demographic. Comments in the open feedback section of the survey would support this direction.

The phrase "Connect with the Library" was preferred by 43% of the beta testers, followed closely by the phrase "Connect with Us" at 38% in response to question number three: Which phrase do you prefer for a label in the footer of the new site that includes e-newsletter sign up, social media icons, and apps, blogs, and videos created by the Library?

The final question, "As a subcategory within the label "Learning & Research," which label best describes resources used to learn a foreign language (such as Mango Languages and Rocket Languages)?" resulted in 67% of beta testers choosing "Language Learning." Fifteen percent of the beta testers offered an alternate label and of those, 50% suggested some variation of the phrase "Learn a Language."

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