Results of Survey #8: Database Labels

Forty-five percent of the beta testers completed Survey #8: Database Labels. This survey focused specifically on the Learning & Research > Articles & Databases section of the new website. Beta Testers were asked to provide feedback on the labels for the categories of databases.

For each question, beta testers were given the option to submit their own suggestion for a label instead of selecting either of the two labels offered. The alternate labels suggested for two of the categories indicate that further assessment is needed for those two categories as far as what is grouped within those categories. We will be conferring with the content owners of the Articles & Databases section and expect that we will revisit these two categories with the beta testers through either another labeling survey or tree test. The two questions that generated the most alternate labeling suggestions and comments through the open feedback question where: "Which label best describes the category you would use to find databases containing resources to help you pick out your next book to read, discover similar or new authors, find a famous speech or poem, and access critical reviews of authors' works?" and "Which label best describes the category you would use to find databases containing material on creating resumes, choosing career paths, finding colleges (plus financial aid), and searching for jobs?" The consensus of beta testers who submitted alternate labels or additional comments was that the labels provided didn't sufficiently indicate to them the types of databases they would find in the category and that the categories need to be further subdivided.

View the infographic for the complete results of the survey!