Results of Survey #5: More Labeling

This past week we asked our beta testers to complete a survey regarding labeling in several different areas of the new site.

Forty-five percent of the beta testers completed the survey. For each of the three questions, participants were also given the option to choose "Other" as their answer and provide a suggested label. When analyzing survey results, we also take these written suggestions into account, and look for patterns in feedback to help us determine the best course of action.

For the first question, the majority of respondents selected "Help" as their preferred label for a section that provides a searchable knowledge base with questions and answers about our services, products, and policies; an online form for submitting a request for assistance with a library service or product; and contact information.

When asked how they would refer to music that can be streamed or downloaded, most beta testers designated "Digital Music" as their choice label.

And finally, in a labeling question that's specific to database listings, beta testers indicated that they favor "General Reference" as the label for a sub-category of databases that include reference and informational e-books, encyclopedias, and resources on a broad variety of topics.

View details on the survey results in an infographic!