Results of Survey #3: Questions from Content Owners

Sixty-three percent of the beta tester community completed survey number three. As you might expect, when asked what information do you feel is important to provide about a specific branch location, hours of operation and address were ranked as the most important by the beta testers. Location maps and event information followed in the rankings. Considered least necessary for location-specific information were history and unique art displays. The open comments to this question also provided great insight into what the community is interested in seeing when they visit a location page:

  • Information on groups that meet regularly at the location (book clubs for instance)
  • Unique collections or collections specific to a demographic of the community
  • Number of available computers and work areas for the public
  • Building map

Beta testers greatly favored getting updates about a specific location through email updates or by checking the location page. The majority of respondents said that they would like a title they've suggested for the collection to be placed on hold for them. Twenty-eight percent of the beta testers left a comment expanding upon their selection for the question, giving us a better understanding of their preferences when it comes to suggesting titles for the collection and their role in making that request. When it comes to looking for a title, more of the beta testers have a preferred format they look for first than reading the title in whatever format is available. Though this question may seem catalog-specific and not OCLS website related, it does speak to the type of integration and collection discovery we'd like to do in the new OCLS website. The comments again proved to be very fruitful. Though the majority of respondents have a preferred format, the preferred format itself amongst beta testers varies from individual to individual and even depending on what the occasion is.

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