Results of Survey #1: Current Site Usage

The first beta tester survey, which asked users about their current site usage, was shared with the community on March 26th. The survey ran for two weeks and was completed by 76% of the beta tester community.

It came as no surprise that the main reason for visiting the OCLS website was to access the catalog and view the user's library card account, with accessing e-books and viewing upcoming classes coming in second and third.

Survey respondents found information on library locations and hours the easiest to find, while databases and Virtual Galleries, InfoPaths, or eGuides were selected as being equally the most difficult information to locate.

Navigation, and a combination of both navigation and searching, were the leading responses to the survey question about how information is primarily found in the website.

According to survey participants, the most frequently visited section of the site is the Downloadable Media section, while the About Us section was determined to be the least often visited section of the site.

When it comes to the question of how often the survey participants consider using the library website for conducting research, the responses indicated that more often than not, the beta testers think about the library website when conducting research.

The top three things researched by the survey respondents are new skills, hobbies, and consumer information.

OverDrive is the clear frontrunner in the list of downloadable media services the beta tester survey takers have used. Axis 360 is the least used, but this could be attributed to the service only becoming available in the past few months.

View the infographic (a visual representation) of the first survey results!