Results for Card Sort #2 and Survey #4

Cart Sort #2 was a closed card sort, meaning fixed categories were provided for testers to sort cards into. There was a total of 30 cards and 7 categories. Our goal was to find a more definite consensus on certain cards and groupings. Forty-four percent of beta testers completed this task, which was open for two weeks. Below we share the "popular placements matrix" provided by Optimal Sort's reports. The percentages indicate the number of beta testers that placed the card into the category. For example, the mission statement card was placed into the "About the Organization" group by 99% of testers. Percentages in bold indicate the category that the majority of testers agreed the card would fit into.

Cards with the most consensus - 97% and above:

  • Mission statement (About the Organization)
  • Featured accomplishments of library staff (About the Organization)
  • Awards and recognition received by the library (About the Organization)
  • Interactive resources to teach yourself different languages (Self-Paced Learning, How-Tos, Research)

In the written feedback from our beta testers we received comments that certain cards could fit into both the "Getting Started with the Library" and "Using the Library" groups. This was also reflected in the statistics of the card sort. For example, the official library policies card was sorted into "Getting Started with the Library" by 29% of beta testers and into "Using the Library" by 37% of beta testers.

Card About the Organization Content for Specific Audiences / Demographics Events & Classes Getting Started with the Library Self-Paced Learning, How-Tos, Research Using the Library
Mission statement 99%     1%    
Featured accomplishments of library staff 97%     3%    
Awards and recognition received by the library 97%       1%  
Message from the library director 90%     6%   4%
Kindergarten Readiness - resources for parents to prepare their preschoolers for kindergarten   77% 9%   13% 1%
Library material and technology available for those with special needs (hearing/visually/mobility impaired)   70%   6%   24%
The Right Service at the Right Time - a web service helping patrons find and apply for assistance with daily needs, housing, healthcare, transportation and employment   63% 1%   27% 9%
EPOCH (Electronically Preserving Obituaries as Cultural Heritage) - family and friends can submit detailed obituaries as a tribute to their loved ones, building a history of the residents of the community for researchers and genealogists   62%   1% 27% 10%
KidsConnect - events, resources, and interactive media for ages 0-12   59% 38%   1% 1%
Orlando Memory - a digital collection of historical information focused on the people, events, places, and topics of Orange County that residents can contribute to 6% 59% 4% 3% 20% 8%
Informed Teens - events, contests, clubs, and resources for ages 12-18   54% 44%     1%
Homework Help - library materials, resources and websites based on subject to assist kids, tweens and teens with school   54%   1% 30% 14%
Citizenship Inspired - courses and supplemental information to prepare patrons for the U.S. Naturalization Test   53% 25%   20% 1%
Tweens - Classes, events and resources for ages 12-13   49% 47%   3% 1%
List of events with filters for location, date, keyword, and type of event   3% 94% 1% 1% 1%
Scheduled classes with a live instructor, accessed online   3% 92%   5%  
List of technology classes with filters for location, date, keyword, and type of class   1% 86% 1% 8% 4%
Brief descriptions of each of the classes offered by the library 3% 1% 82% 5% 1% 8%
A listing of recommended technology courses offered by the library to reach career goals or improve professional skills   11% 53%   30% 5%
Sign up for a library card 1%     87%   11%
Types of library card accounts that are available 1%     82%   16%
Key information on what you need to know to use your library card account       61%   39%
Interactive resources to teach yourself different languages     3%   97%  
Instruction, video, activities, and interactive tutorials on various technology topics (Adobe products, Microsoft Office, Web Development, Business) that can be accessed anytime, anywhere   3% 6% 1% 86% 4%
Content for research or personal interests, get current and reliable information on a variety of topics   15% 1% 1% 73% 9%
Tools to help improve employability such as typing skills, resume creation, and practice certification and educational exams   14% 13%   72% 1%
Subject-specific guides created by staff that contain library materials, databases, event listings, and recommended websites 1% 16%   9% 38% 35%
Information about home delivery of requested items   1%   19%   78%
Details on library fines (overdue fines, lost materials) and services with fees (printing, photocopies, meeting room use) 1%     35%   63%
Official library policies 34%     29%   37%

Survey #4 Results

We conducted a survey in preparation for our next usability test, a tree test. We wanted to see what the beta testers thought about the order of content in groups and the labeling of certain sections. This survey was conducted over the course of one week and we had 49% participation.

View an infographic of the survey results!