Project Update #6: Progress and Next Steps

We are starting to conclude planning the new website's architecture and navigation. Over the past few months we have submitted various tasks to our beta testers, including card sorts, tree tests, and label tests. The results of these tests have helped us plan an architecture and navigation that we feel meets the needs and expectations of our users. We are also starting to come to the end of our content owner meetings. We have a few small sections of the site left to review with their respective stakeholders. From these meetings and the information we have compiled so far, we are creating documentation that details the content and functionality of each page or section of our site.

We have had a chance to share our progress with groups of staff throughout OCLS, including managers and administration. They are very interested to hear about our beta testers and all of the great feedback we have been getting from the group.

Next week we will conduct a third tree test to wrap up some final questions we have for beta testers. Based on the results, we will create a new site map and begin the layout testing phase. We will be using Chalkmark (an Optimal Workshop product) to test wireframes. Wireframes are basically sketches of the future site's layout. In the coming weeks, we will be posting more information about wireframe testing.

From the results of our wireframe testing, we will be able to create a full design of the new site. Of course, we will be seeking input from our beta testers throughout this process.

After the layout has been finalized, we will write an RFP (request for proposal) and hire a development team to build the new site according to the research, architecture and design that has been compiled and created throughout this project.

If you are interested in signing up to be a beta tester, we are still accepting members! Just visit to get started.