Project Update #5: Content We've Modified

We continue to meet with OCLS staff who are content owners on the website. In addition to setting expectations for their content in the new website, these conversations have allowed us to identify what can be changed in the current website. Streamlining content – and in some cases, removing content that has become unnecessary -- serves to better position us for the future when we will migrate to the new website and content management system.

Press Room

The default page has been modified to dynamically (or automatically) display the two most recent "OCLS in the News" articles. Previously, a staff member had to manually add the two featured news articles into the page.

Our Partners

This page has been updated to display a current listing of partners for the library system.

Technology at OCLS

This area of the website has been completely removed. It was determined that the type of information provided wasn't of particular value to our community. Content that was deemed relevant and meaningful was converted into a set of questions and answers and added to our FAQ (the "Confused?" section of the website.)

Book Clubs & Bundles

After discussing this page, we determined to make book club events and the Book Bundles service more prominent. Book Bundles was added to the left navigation.

Alphabet Bites

Alphabet Bites was an interactive digital product created in-house to help children learn the alphabet. Alphabet Bites utilized Flash as a platform and was created nearly 10 years ago. It has been removed from the current website because the content isn't mobile-friendly and because we have the new K-Ready app which covers the same learning principles.


After assessing the content in the Jobs section of the website, we determined this was content that could be easily streamlined into one page instead of multiple pages.


We had multiple ways to donate to the library available on our site; patrons could donate through a form on the catalog, through our eCommerce site (Digishop), or purchase items through an online gift shop. We are now directing donations to Digishop as it provides a friendlier interface than the catalog and simplifies the processing of donations. We removed our online gift shop based due to lack of use. After reviewing the information on our Donations page, we determined that it could be reduced and simplified. We are currently working with the content owners to rewrite the language.