Project Update #3

In our Project Update #2 post, we mentioned the meetings we've been having with content owners. Today we will share things we are considering doing in the new website as a result of these discussions.

Home Delivery (MAYL) Page

Instead of a lengthy text explanation, this page will market the home delivery service in a visual way, and Acquisitions staff will be able to update the promotions. Perhaps we can use an animation or video to explain home delivery.

Include a "widget" of popular items that users could browse and request directly from the home delivery page.

Jobs Section

  • Collapsing the jobs pages into one simple page.
  • Reusing some of the annual report video content into a "Why work at OCLS?" video, updated each year.
  • Adding pre-employment paperwork so new employees can fill out and complete it to speed up processing.
  • Creating videos that feature some of our job descriptions so prospective employees can get a general understanding of the position.

Location Pages

Adding the ability to input zip code to find nearest locations.

Board of Trustees Section

Creating a web form for the public to fill out and submit for speaking at Board of Trustees meetings.

We continue to meet weekly with various staff members throughout the library to discuss their content and what they would like to change, remove, or improve.

Optimal Sort

We've also purchased Optimal Workshop in order to conduct various online usability tests. Next week we will be opening up our first online card sorting test and look forward to seeing how our beta testers categorize and label content.