Project Update #2: Meeting with Content Owners

Based on the research from the website audit and architecture map discussed in the first project update, we identified which departments and groups within the Orange County Library System create, update, and maintain content within the website. We started meeting with these groups to speak with them about their content to better assess what will happen with that content in the new site. To date, we've already met with seven different groups of staff about their content.

Here are some of the questions we have been asking our content owners:

  • What is the purpose/goal of this content? Who is the audience?
  • Have you been thinking about a new direction for this content?
  • What is the life cycle of this content? Is it part of a promotion or campaign? How often is it updated?
  • What workflow would you like for this content?

We meet initially to discuss the questions and have follow-up meetings to discuss our recommendations and wrap up any unanswered questions. So far, we have received terrific feedback for new directions for content on the website as well as some great blue-sky ideas for the future. (By "blue-sky," we mean "the sky's the limit." For example, 'If you could do anything with this, even if it's not possible or practical at this time, what would it be?')