Project Update #16: New Website - Learning & Research Section

Today, we'd like to share the plans for the Learning & Research section of the website with you. Please keep in mind the following images are wireframes and they contain little to no design elements such as graphics or color schemes. They also contain sample language. These wireframes serve to give an idea of how the content in the page will layout. Click any wireframe image below to view a larger version of the graphic.

The Learning & Research section of the new site can be accessed through the main site navigation. We've pulled together all the resources a library user can use to reach their self-directed learning goals.

To provide better discoverability of learning tools such as, Mango Languages, and TypingMaster, we have taken these (and similar items) out of our list of database and placed them in content blocks. Here you will find homework help, language learning opportunities, subject guides, and resources for improving technology and job skills.

Visitors to the Learning & Research section will find the following: 

  1. Content blocks - listings of the previously mentioned special resources grouped under Homework Help, Technology Skills, Job Skills, or Language Learning.
  2. Articles & Databases by Subject - our online databases grouped by category.
  3. At a Glance sidebar - links related to the Learning and Research section, such as an alphabetical list of databases.
  4. Photo carousel - (optional)
  5. Questions and Contact - library phone number, link to the digital help desk form, and a link to the Contact Us page containing phone number information for departments.
  6. Upcoming Events - a listing of classes and events related to learning.
  7. A global listing of amenities offered at all library branches.

Articles & Databases Search Page

When a user selects a database subject from the Learning & Research section, they are taken to the Articles & Databases Search page and the databases matching their subject selection will display on the page.

Visitors to this page will find:

  1. Keyword search
  2. Filtering options (Available from Home, Featured Database, Full Text)
  3. Subject filtering
  4. Icon legend (Full Text Not Available, Library Only, Recommended)
  5. Database listing (link to the resource, brief description, indication if the resource provides full text, can be used from home and if it's recommended)

Articles & Databases Alphabetical List

The alphabetical listing of databases can be accessed through the At A Glance "A-Z Articles & Database" link on the Learning & Research page.

Here, users will find: 

  1. Alphabetical navigation
  2. Icon legend (Full Text Not Available, Library Only, Recommended)
  3. Listing of databases grouped alphabetically
  4. At a Glance sidebar - links related to the Learning and Research section, such as Subject Guides and Homework Help