Project Update #15: New Website - Classes & Events Section

Development of the new site continues at a rapid pace. Last week the developers demonstrated progress made toward completing the Locations & Hours and Rooms & Studios sections of the site.

Classes & Events Section

The next section we'd like to share with you is Classes & Events. This section contains functionality that should be somewhat familiar to users as it's very similar to the searching and filtering options found in the third-party calendaring system currently used for class and event registration.

Visitors to the website can find the link to Classes & Events in the main navigation area of the website.

  1. On the Classes & Events page, visitors are presented with a listing of today’s offerings. Each class/event contains the date, time, title, location, category, description, and registration information for the class/event. Users will also easily be able to tell if the event has been cancelled, requires a fee, and if registration is required by phone.
  2. Users can search for specific classes/events by entering keywords.
  3. Quick Searches are new and will be employed to direct users to our popular classes/events. Examples of this would be Cuisine Corner, Melrose Camps, Microsoft Classes, etc. These links will reside below the search box.
  4. Users will be able to access the personal registration schedule login through a "My Class Calendar" link.
  5. Users will be able to narrow the list of classes/events through these filters:
    1. Location
    2. Category
    3. Audience (new!)
    4. Day of the Week (new!)
    5. Time Period

    All classes/events will be displayed from current to future dates.

    Please keep in mind the wireframe sketch below contains little to no design elements such as color or images; it’s meant to show basic layout of the page and may also contain sample language. Click the image to view a larger version of the wireframe image.

    Search Results

    When a users conducts a keyword search, the body of the page will repopulate with the result listings.

    1. The number of results is displayed above the search bar.
    2. The search bar will display the keyword the user entered.
    3. The user will be able to narrow the list of classes/events further using the filters.