Project Update #13: New Website - Rooms & Studios Section

To date, through the course of weekly project meetings with Bluespark, we have been given demonstrations of the homepage, the Books, Movies & More section, the Classes & Events section, and the Location Pages. The demos have focused on content, functionality, and the admin side of these pieces because the pages hadn't been styled yet. Bluespark also showed us the direction they are moving toward for the presentation of the website on mobile screens.

Today, we'd like to share with you the plans for the Rooms & Studios section of the website.

Rooms & Studios Section Page

The Rooms & Studios Section of the new site can be accessed through the main site navigation.

Visitors to this page are presented with an alphabetical grid view of all the reservable spaces in the Orange County Library System. Each grid square contains an image of the space, the space name and location, and its maximum capacity.

Users can narrow down the list of reservable spaces by using one or more of the filter options on the page (click the image below to view the full design mock up for the Rooms & Studios section. Please note, sample language and photos are used in the mock up):

  1. Zip Code
  2. Location
  3. Capacity Needed (displays results equal to or greater than the selected capacity)
  4. Room Type (Meeting Room, Co-Working Room, Study Room, Studio, Simulator)
  5. Special Requirements (Available Sundays, Catered Food Allowed with Fee, No Fee to Use)

Space Page

Selecting a room from the grid will bring up the details page for the selected space. Click the image below to view a larger version of the wireframe. (Please note the wireframe contains minimal design elements and is meant to convey content layout. Example language is in place as well.)

  1. Name of the space
  2. Name of the location
  3. Location address
  4. Bus route info (if applicable)
  5. Photos of the space
  6. Hours of operation
  7. Maximum capacity
  8. Cost info
  9. Catering fees
  10. Equipment/facility info
  11. Link to Room Reserve
  12. Related FAQs