Project Update #13: New Website - Location & Hours Section

The next section of the new site we wanted to share with you is Locations & Hours. Users will find the link to this section in the utilities area of the website header:

Location & Hours Section Page

Please keep in mind the wireframe sketch below contains little to no design elements such as color or images; it's meant to show the basic layout of the page and may also contain sample language.

Location Page

Selecting a location from the list will load the Location Page which contains the following details (click the thumbnail below to view the full-size mock up, please note the design mock up contains sample language):

  1. Once users are in Locations & Hours, they are presented with a list of each our 16 locations (plus the Melrose Center) containing the location image, name, address, hours of operation, and featured amenities, along with options to narrow down the list through some filter options.
  2. These amenities are featured with a location listing on this page. Some locations may have all of these items, some locations may have none of them.
    • Accessible via Bus Route
    • Meeting room
    • Drop off window
    • Pick up window
    • Open Sundays
  3. Users can search for a location by entering keywords. In the back end/admin area we'll have associated common names for locations with their official name. Someone searching for the "Apopka" branch, for example, will see the North Orange branch in the search results.
  4. Users can access a Google map of all the locations through a link.
  5. Users will have the ability to find the locations nearest their current location by allowing the website to access geolocation information on their computer or device, or by entering a zip code. (You can get an idea of what the desktop permission prompt will be like for allowing/sharing/blocking computer geolocation information by visiting the location page in OCLS Mobile.)
  6. Users will be able to further narrow the list of locations through these filters:
    • Open Sunday
    • Drop Off Window
    • Pick Up Window
    • Accessible via Bus Route
    • Scanning Station
    • Color Copier
    • Co-working Room
    • Meeting Room
    • Right Service Station
    • Simulator
    • Studio
    • Study Room
  7. The Locations & Hours default page also includes a list of equipment and services all locations provide:
    • After hours return
    • Assistive vision station
    • Black and white copier
    • Color printer
    • Fax machine
    • Kids learning station
    • Public computers
    • Scanner
    • Wi-fi
    1. Address
    2. Bus route info
    3. Social media (displays nothing if the location doesn't have social media accounts specific to their location)
    4. Stream of Flickr photos
    5. Hours of operation
    6. At A Glance sidebar (direct links to pages/content specific to the location)
    7. Amenities offered at the location
    8. Featured Events, Classes, Services, Products (spot for three promo items)
    9. Five upcoming events/classes