Project Update #12: New Website Layouts - Books, Movies and More

Previously, we shared the homepage design with you, in this post we'd like to share the Books, Movies & More section of the new website.

You may have noticed in the homepage design that there isn't a search box for the catalog. A site search can be found in the footer of the new site, but there isn’t a catalog search on the homepage. Instead of "Search the Catalog" we have "Books, Movies & More" and just to the left of this text is a magnifying glass which indicates "search."

We believe anyone new to our website who is looking for titles in our collection, will make the connection between searching the catalog and the phrase "Books, Movies & More" with the search icon based on previous testing we had conducted with a randomly selected group of beta testers.

Once visitors to the site have clicked "Books, Movies & More" they are presented with a page that has a catalog search box at the top of the page. By purposefully placing the catalog search on the secondary page, we've created an opportunity for users to discover the variety of materials we offer and have given ourselves an avenue for getting content in front of users that they may not otherwise see if they could immediately jump to the catalog from the website homepage.

The Books, Movies & More section will contain content similar to the New & Popular lists which are currently available through the catalog. Instead of presenting users with a list of lists though, the Books, Movies & More lists will be more visual, taking the form of carousels that display cover images of the items in the list. The page will have multiple tabs and within each tab we have the ability to list multiple carousels.

Take a look at the design mock up for the Books, Movies & More section. Please keep in mind that the tab and list labels are sample language only. For instance, you'll see Blu-rays and streaming media mentioned, we don't carry Blu-rays or use the phrase "streaming media," this is just example language the developer used when creating the mock-ups.