Project Update #10: Moving Forward with Website Redesign

Over the last few weeks we've been working with the Bluespark UX (user-experience) expert to finalize information flow, navigation and wireframe designs. The Bluespark design team applied a full design to the homepage wireframe which has been reviewed and approved by the OCLS Administration for use in beta testing.

We are entering a new phase of beta testing where we will be sending out tasks to be completed in shorter windows of time, to smaller segments of beta testers. Based on the results of the first task, we will adjust an aspect of the design and send it to a new segment of beta testers for testing. The results of the second round of testing may lead to further changes or a revisit to the initial design, which will then be tested with a third segment of beta testers. And so on and so forth. This method of testing allows us to apply fresh eyes on what may be minor changes to the initial design based on previous feedback.