Tree Test #1 Results

Over the past week, we conducted a tree test on a portion of our potential navigation. We needed to test our placement of content and ensure that beta testers would be able to find specific items. We based the structure of the navigation on our previous usability testing, including our card sorts and surveys.

Results for Card Sort #2 and Survey #4

Cart Sort #2 was a closed card sort, meaning fixed categories were provided for testers to sort cards into. There was a total of 30 cards and 7 categories. Our goal was to find a more definite consensus on certain cards and groupings. Forty-four percent of beta testers completed this task, which was open for two weeks. Below we share the "popular placements matrix" provided by Optimal Sort's reports. The percentages indicate the number of beta testers that placed the card into the category.

Usability Testing

The last couple of tasks the beta testers have been asked to complete were card sorts. Based on how beta testers relate content in the first two card sorts, we will map out potential information architecture for the new website. To ensure users are able to find information in our new structure, we will send the beta testers a Treejack test next week. Treejack is another product of OptimalWorkshop.