Project Update #9: Meeting with the Developers

We recently met with the UX (user-experience) expert and technical director from Bluespark, the development firm contracted to build the new website. They got to know the OCLS Redesign Team, OCLS Administration, and a few of the website content owners during their two-day visit. These meetings helped provide a picture of the Orange County Library System as a whole and where the expectations for the new website fit in the picture.

Wireframe Test #7 Results

Our seventh wireframe test was a re-test of the Classes & Events section of the site. We previously tested Classes & Events in Wireframe Test #5. The wireframes were adjusted so that the Classes & Events search was moved to the top of the page and promotional pieces were moved to the side of the page in a totem style. Other revisions to the wireframe included the removal of the mini-calendar from the default page.

Forty-two percent of beta testers completed the task. You can see the larger version of each wireframe by clicking on the image.