Wireframe Test #1 Results

Our first wireframe test was a test of the new website homepage. This wireframe was a 'first draft', and we will make modifications to it based on each test we conduct. You can see the larger version of each wireframe by clicking on the image.

First Homepage Wireframe

Tree Test #3 Results

In the third tree test, we continued the process of testing the placement of content in the new website information architecture to ensure visitors to the new site would be able to find specific items.

Wireframe Testing

In web design, a wireframe is a sketch of the website that focuses on layout and navigation. There are little to no design elements like color or images, just the basic layout of the pages. The absence of design elements helps create a prototype of the website that can be easily tested and updated. Making iterations of wireframes improves the usability of the site design and saves development time because the focus is on layout and there is no need to update a full design with each change.